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Latest Videos

Cook along with us as we make some of our favorite recipes start-to-finish!


Mini Tomato Burger Bites


Sweet Potato Pizzas

Transform sweet potatoes into delectable little pizzas. They make the perfect snack or party appetizer.


Quick Sushi

This DIY sushi loaded with salmon, shrimp and avocado comes together in a flash!


Brownie in a Mug

This single serving fudgy brownie is the perfect treat.


Guinness Brownies

Rich chocolate and full-bodied beer combine in this enticing brownie.


Roasted Carrots

Keep an eye out for rainbow and heirloom varieties for a vibrant addition to your table.


Soup in a jar

Prep fresh and easy ingredients like sundried tomatoes and cannellini beans in the morning and just add hot water for quick soup in a jar.


Beef and Beer Pie

Make this tasty traditional Irish dish for your St. Paddy’s Day get-together or for a classic, quick dinner.


Sesame seed hummus

This recipe uses whole sesame seeds and chickpeas to create a classic hummus dip. Add roasted red peppers or extra garlic for more kick.


Chicken teriyaki with red pepper

Something new for your boneless, skinless breasts? Why not?


Apple pancake

We call for tart apples, but this recipe works with any variety.


Apple Pies

A delicious treat the whole family will enjoy.


Granola cookies

A delicious and guilt-free treat for snacking.


Moroccan roast chicken

Step away from the usual roast chicken and opt for something a bit more spiced.


No-bake raspberry-coconut squares

These tasty little treats will keep brains strong through study hour.


Olive focaccia

This easy flatbread is perfect hot out of the oven or 1-day old.


Raspberry and pistachio breakfast wreath

This festive wreath makes an impressive holiday gift or housewarming.


Tomato chickpea soup with chorizo

Spanish chorizo gives this soup a wonderful depth of flavor.

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